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The future of Braille

has more than one line.







Sighted and tactile readers exploring a tactile graphics application on the Canute Console.

We are now taking pre-orders for the Console Upgrades for existing Canute 360 owners!

You can do so much more with nine lines

“Because of Canute I am reading for pleasure again”

Stephanie Sergeant – Vision Through Sound

Canute 360 has nine lines, 360 cells, which allows the reader to get the full context of the text, not just a fragment.

  • Read literary Braille in whole paragraphs.
  • Read tables and lists, not single items.
  • Read code in whole functions.
  • Read mathematical matrices and algebraic problems.
  • Read both hands of sheet music on one page.
  • Read bar charts and other tactile diagrams.

In other words, read Braille as Louis intended, and more! What can Canute do for you?

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Braille is Literacy, Employment and Independence

The Canute 360 electronic braille reader is designed to be used like “a Kindle for blind people”. 

Before the Canute 360, electronic braille was only a single line or even only a handful of characters. Imagine trying to read a book on a small calculator display!

Braille was only available in bulky paper Braille books (The Lord of the Rings in Braille takes up 4ft square of storage!). Imagine the space needed for even the smallest personal library and the inconvenience of carrying a multi-volume paperback. 

With Canute 360’s multiline design, instead of puzzling to reassemble awkwardly divided words and sentences, the reader rapidly reads texts while having an overview of the paragraph and on a third of the page layout. This can even be done with two hands!

With the Canute 360’s SD card and USB pen drive, the reader can carry hundreds of  BRF files books that are easily downloaded from their favourite online libraries. No more lugging around volumes of paper braille, finding somewhere to store them, or needing to wait for deliveries of Braille books! 

In addition, the Canute 360 allows the reader to read books continuously as the page refreshes from the top, place bookmarks, switch between chapters and skip between books with the menu system to enjoy reading their favourite novels.  

Reading Braille has never been such a pleasure! 


Our Team


The current team is a mix of staff and freelancers, doing anywhere from five days a week to a couple of hours a month.


For a full list of our current and previous cohort, click here



We love getting your feedback on our products

“Reading the Canute is way more fun than going to gym lessons!”

— Aliyah, Primary school pupil, Wolverhampton

“I don’t want to gloat, but I really love the Canute 360 […] I put a whole load of BRF files on a card last week to read […] It has so much potential!”

— Canute customer on the Braillists forum

“The time, energy, and devotion you have put into this machine is absolutely clear. Thanks so very much! It’s wonderful! It has allowed me to have a library without literally thousands of volumes.”

— Canute customer

“Good for musicians, maths, programmers, reading and literacy. Reading music Braille is amazing, as is tabular information. I must say, reading several lines of Braille without having to advance to the next line is fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve read a novel in Braille for a long time, as I got sick and tired of having to push next every single blasted line.”

David Woodbridge

“Braille literacy is an important ingredient in maximising the employment prospects of blind people. As a blind parent, I cannot imagine any other way to make notes in meetings or read bedtime stories to my son. Existing electronic braille technology typically show a single line at a time meaning that it is more challenging for a blind child to study poetry, music or computer code. Canute is the first working example of multiline braille eReader that also promises to radically reduce the cost of electronic braille.”

Dave Williams – Chairman of the Braillists, Radio 4 Presenter, now working with BBT



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