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The nine line Braille e-reader

Award winning revolution in refreshable Braille

Dr Jacob Bolotin Award, National Federation of the Blind
Touch of Genius Prize, National Braille Press

“Braille is knowledge and knowledge is power” — Louis Braille

Canute 360 is the world’s first affordable, multi-line refreshable Braille. It has nine lines not one, 360 cells not 40, and costs less than a 40 cell Braille display.

With the Canute 360’s nine lines music notation, literature, tables, spreadsheets, charts, mathematical formulae and spacial diagrams are vastly more useful and pleasurable for the Braille reader.

Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Bristol Braille is working closely with our friends and colleagues in the Braillists Foundation to support the community through the current pandemic. For all the latest help and resources please visit the Braillists website.

For the effect the virus is having on Canute production and distribution please visit our ordering page.