Its all about the nine lines—
Canute’s 360 cell revolution

“This is refreshable Braille, reimagined” — Mark Riccobono

Canute 360 is ideal for use at home or the office.

For professionals, home readers and college students Canute can drastically increase availability of Braille material. It reads all pre-formatted Braille Ready Files (BRF) and Portable Embosser Files (PEF), meaning you can read texts from Bookshare, the RNIB Library or any other Braille library in the world.

The Canute’s ‘hard’ signage quality Braille makes Canute ideal for Braille beginners and those coming back to it.

Music, maths, tables, diagrams & literature

Literature, musical notation, charts, graphs, mathematics, tables and spacial diagrams. All these are hugely more practical on a nine-line refreshable Braille display than a single line display, ream of embossed paper or through text-to-speech.

Using transcription software such as Duxbury DBT or Braille Blaster any digital text file can be transfered to and read on Canute.

Designed and manufactured in our workshop in Bristol, you can be confident that the people who made your machine care as much about good Braille as you do. Call us up and check!

What people are doing with their Canutes

“Reading the Canute is way more fun than going to gym lessons!” — Aliyah, Primary school pupil, Wolverhampton

Canute is Open Source

The Canute 360 user interface is available to the community on Github. It is built in Python and can be modified by a user and reuploaded to a Canute to enhance, expand or entirely alter its functionality.