Caveat lector: Accessing the internal hardware may invalidate your warranty. It may also make it hard or impossible to diagnose or repair the machine remotely. It is very easy to damage a component once the back is off. Therefore this section is only intended for developers who are under agreement with BBT. We strongly advise against individual owners attempting any of this and will not guarantee any support for those who do. This advice has not been tested outside of BBT in-house.

How to access the micro SD card for the Raspberry Pi Zero

First remove the back panel according to the instructions you received as part of your remote repairs manual.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is in the top left corner, if the Canute is up side down and the front three buttons are on on the face facing away from you.

Be extra careful not to touch any component other than the micro-SD card. This is situated 125mm from the left and 60mm from the back.

Assuming blind or visually impaired operation, we recommend taking an A4 or US-Letter format sheet of card and cutting a 40mmx40mm square hole, starting 120mm from the left and 50mm from the back.

Now you can lay this over the back of the Canute. Doing so will expose the micro-SD but minimise the exposure of other components. Now safely pull the micro-SD card out from its port (gently pull to the right). It doesn’t need clicking in and out, it just pulls straight out.

Having removed the micro-SD card you can insert it into a PC and investigate the file system.