Canute supports BRF files encoded in US Braille ASCII (the de facto standard in many places around the world) and PEF files encoded with Unicode Braille.

However many customers have BRF files encoded in EuroBraille ANSI. At the moment Canute will not correctly show these files. We are working on conversion or table selection upgrades for Canute, but in the meanwhile, here are some alternative solutions:

If you have Duxbury DBT you can try exporting as a US Braille ASCII BRF file.

Otherwise we recommend using

Click, ‘Convert a file’, upload your document, select ‘Braille’ as target format, then specify these options:

Language: e.g. German. Contraction level: e.g. Kurzschrift 6 punkt. Export format: Canute360.

And give it your email address. You will then be emailed a PEF file. Be sure to check your spam folder. Download it, rename it to a descriptive file name, and copy it to your Canute library card or USB stick.

If you find RoboBraille useful please consider donating to the free service with Paypal. BBT has no affiliation with RoboBraille but we think they provide a useful service to many people.