Canute 360 Customer Support

Please email any questions not answered below to (for support using your Canute 360) or (for anything else).

Using your Canute 360

Tips and tools for using with Canute 360

Distribution and returns

Using Canute as a display with PCs

Canute can be used as a display connected to your PC. However most screen-reader software has not yet been updated to work with multiline displays. We are working with screen-reader developers to change this and coming up with some very exciting use-cases. See below for the latest screen-reader support for your Canute.

Therefore at present Canute-as-a-display is only recommended for use by developers. Currently all these solutions require a reasonably high level of technical competence to initially set up, such as experience editing the Windows Registry.

Using the Canute Console

This section is under active development and is not considered complete. Use at your own risk or after consulting the BBT team.

Developing for Canute



Caveat lector: Creating custom updates for the software, firmware or accessing the internal hardware may invalidate your warranty. It may also be hard or impossible to diagnose or repair the machine remotely. It is possible to brick a Canute by making changes to software or firmware. This section is only intended for developers who are under agreement with BBT.

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