Problems with your SD card

Here is a check-list to follow if you are having problems reading one or more files on your SD card:

  1. Is your SD inserted the right way up? SD cards go in to the Canute upside down, meaning the connectors face upwards and towards the Canute as you put it in. If it is in correctly you will feel the resistance of a spring, followed by a click.

  2. Are you using the right type of SD card? Canute supports SD cards of either SD or SDHC type, but not SDXC or SDUC types.

  3. Has your SD card been formatted correctly? SD cards for use in a Canute should be formatted to FAT32. They should not be formatted to FAT16, exFAT, or any other format. It is recommended that you format an SD card before putting Canute files on to it. If you are using a pre-made Braille library card (such as the one from the RNIB) then you may want to skip this step.

  4. Are you using an SD card of the right capacity? SD cards over 32GiB are not recommended because they are unlikely to be SD/SDHC type. They are also unlikely to be formatted as FAT32 and your PC may not give you an option of reformatting them as FAT32.

  5. Are any of the files on the SD card showing up in the Canute’s Library Menu? If some files are showing up, but not others, then there is an issue with the files that are not showing up. Please check you have an uncorrupted copy by going back to the source of the file.

  6. When you put the same files on another SD card do they then show up in the Canute Library Menu? If so then there is an issue with the SD card. Potentially it is not formatted correctly.

  7. Are the files on your SD card that you want to read on the Canute in the correct format? They should end in “.brf” or “.pef”.

  8. Do any other SD cards work in your Canute? If not make sure you are inserting it correctly. If you are inserting it correctly, then, especially if some card which used to work no longer do, there may have been damage to the SD card slot on your Canute.

If following these suggestions doesn’t solve your issue then please answer all these questions when contacting