2023-11-08 Canute 360 upgrade to v2.1.0


You will need a blank SD card or USB stick, a desktop or laptop PC, and your Canute on stand-by.

Please only apply this upgrade to a Canute that is already running at version 1.3.19 or higher. You can find the current version by going into the ‘system menu’ in the Canute.

Please apply this upgrade to one machine first (to test whether it works) before rolling it out to any others.

If in any doubt email support@bristolbraille.co.uk or phone +44 (0)117 325 3022.

Description of changes

This upgrade:

After you have applied this upgrade your Canute will be on version 2.1.0.

Download canute-os-upgrade-2.1.0.zip

List of files to extract from the zip: * ‘README.txt’ * ‘boot-v2.1.0.tar.xz’ * ‘system-v2.1.0.squashfs’ * ‘sysupgrade.sh’

If you are unsure how to extract files from a zip please see these instructions: https://www.wikihow.tech/Extract-Zip-Files


Download the zip file above to your local PC.

Extract all four files from the zip, titled ‘README.txt’, ‘boot-v2.1.0.tar.xz’, ‘system-v2.1.0.squashfs’ and ‘sysupgrade.sh’ (total of ~680MB).

Copy all these files onto an empty FAT32 formatted USB stick or SD card (“the medium”), not FAT16, exFAT or any other format. If in doubt use a small-volume USB stick as these are most likely to be formatted as FAT32. If using an SD card you then you can use SD or SDHC, but not SDXC or SDUC.

Ensure your Canute 360 is turned off.

Put the medium in the Canute. If using an SD card be sure to put it in the correct way, which is with the connectors facing up and towards the Canute.

Turn it on using the switch at the back. The Canute will now go through the upgrade procedure.

It should take around five to ten minutes, but if it takes longer let it run to at least 20 minutes to make sure.

The Canute will display messages informing you of upgrade progress. If you do not get an initial message on the top line of the display within a few minutes the upgrade is not running.

Once it is done you will be instructed by a message on the display to remove the medium. The Canute will then turn off, hiding the first row.

Remove the SD card or USB stick and turn the Canute back on again. It will take a further three minutes to start up the first time after an upgrade, after which it can be used as normal.

Once it is done please put the medium back in your PC and copy the new log file (called ‘sysupgrade.log’) to your desktop for safe keeping. It may be useful if there is a problem with your Canute later.

Now you can delete all files from the medium, and the originally downloaded zip file.