Order yourself a Canute
anywhere in the world

Canute 360 has launched

After almost a decade of development
Canute 360 is now available for purchase
starting at £2,050 or US$2,900

That’s less than the price of a 40-cell piezo-electric Braille display, or £6/US$8 per cell rather than £60/US$80 per cell.

We took limited pre-orders in the Autumn of last year for our very first commercial release, with Canutes boxed and shipped to customers between December and March 2020.

After a year of lockdown restarted production early in 2021 and relaunched Canute in September. You buy a Canute 360 from any of the distributors listed below.

Please be aware that the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted manufacturing worldwide so stocks are very limited. Given how fast the initial release sold out, we strongly recommend reserving your place in the queue by putting down a pre-order with your local distributor.

Canute 360 is tax and import duty exempt in most countries. Exchange rates, support costs and shipping vary by country and our distributors’ retail prices will differ in reflection of that.

Canute 360 distributors

The following distributors are selling Canute 360, pre-orders requests or. Many of them will ship outside of their home country.

We also have new distributors joining us all the time. So if you are in any doubt about who you can buy a Canute 360 from please get in contact with us and we will advise you.