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Canute Console Premium

£1,650.00£4,995.00 excl. VAT

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About Canute Console Premium – The Next Generation In Braille


With or without Braille display

You can buy the Console with or without the Canute 360 Braille display as this display docks into the Console hardware. If you already own a Canute 360 you can save money by buying the Console without a display. In either case the Canute 360 can be undocked at will and used as a stand-alone ereader.

Please select with or without Braille display from the drop down before adding to the cart.

Premium bundle

The Canute Console Premium is a bundle which contains: a Canute Console, a flight-safe, lockable, reinforced briefcase, Extended warranty – one additional year and one full day (six hours) of support or custom development.

The day of one-on-one guided support is to get you started with multiline Braille and tactile graphics applications. We’ll help you build the tactile graphical app of your dreams, or simply help you install and run existing apps that you want to try out.

One of the benefits of buying the Console Premium is that the extended warranty also extends the warranty of your existing Canute 360 to match, should you have one… Even if it already out of warranty!

No Premium bundle

The Canute Console without the premium option does not include the bundled items above. It has a one year warranty which does not change the warranty on your existing Canute 360, if you have one. The Console will be shipped to you in a white branded cardboard box.

Payment details

Want to spread the cost? Consider the Paypal Buy Now Pay Later option.

This product is 0% VAT for those with Disability VAT Exemption in the United Kingdom. Once you have placed the order we will contact you to confirm whether you are personally eligible for Disability VAT Exemption and, if you are not, will invoice you separately for VAT before shipment.

Canute 360s are built to order and will be delivered within six weeks of an order being placed.

With or without Braille display

With Canute 360 Braille display, Without Canute 360 Braille display

Premium bundle

Premium bundle, No premium bundle