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Pre-order Console Upgrade for Canute 360 – Early Bird down-payment

£775.00 excl. VAT

Canute Early Bird Bonus pre-order (only twenty available before launch!)

Advanced payment of 50% of £1,550 for a Console Upgrade for Canute 360 with Early Bird Discount, including £100 off the full retail price of £1,650. Shipping costs not included.

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About Canute Console – The Next Generation In Braille

This pre-order is for anyone who already has a Canute 360 and wants to convert it into a Canute Console. You receive the dock, which converts any existing Canute 360 into a fully feature Canute Console, including new hardware and software

PLEASE NOTE – Expected July or August (due to high pre-order numbers so far, as consoles are built by hand by our team of engineers in Bristol and delivered first come first serve)

Advanced payment of 50% of £1,550 for a Console Upgrade for Canute 360 with Early Bird Bonus of:

  • £100 off the full retail price of £1,650.
  • A free carry bag included.
  • Three hours of guided development for students/professionals wanted to get started with multiline Braille and tactile graphics applications from the command line. We’ll help you build the tactile graphical app of your dreams, or simply help you install and run existing apps that you want to try out. This can be in programming Python or Bash, using version control, or drawing tactile graphs and images.
  • Your name in lights! We will list you as a supporter on the website.

There are only twenty Early Bird’s Bonus pre-orders for upgrades, so reserve yours whilst you can.

Deliveries will begin from the end of April, 2023, on a first come first served basis. When your order is ready to be fulfilled you will be sent an invoice to complete the remainder of the payment. Shipping will be additional, charged when you are invited to complete the payment, and dependent on your territory.

Want to reserve your place but spread the cost? Consider the Paypal Buy Now Pay Later option, below.

Make sure the Canute Console is for you before placing the pre-order. Please read the full description carefully; we and our community of Braillist testers have been careful to design a brilliant machine for a particular audience of people interested in computer science and data visualisations, not a general purpose Braille display. Do you know your way around the command line, or are curious to learn? Then the Console is for you!