N.B. Reasonably high level of technical competence recommended for attempting the following, including familiarity with the Windows Command Prompt and Devices Manager.

Find BRLTTY here: https://brltty.app/index.html(https://brltty.app/index.html)

Instructions for setting up

N.B. These install instructions assume a fresh install of BRLTTY. This has not yet been tested for clashes with other screen-readers, such as NVDA or Narrator.


Instructions for developers using BRLTTY to drive Canute

Useful commands for controlling BRLTTY+Canute for specific applications:

Instructions for developers using BrlAPI to drive Canute

“Brltty has an API known as BrlAPI that works over TCP/IP or over a local socket (on-Windwos-that’d-be-a-naemd-pipe). The best way, therefore, would be to run brltty, telling it to use its Canute driver, and to communicate with brltty via BrlAPI. NVDA on Windows, and Orca on Linux, are examples of applications that use BrlAPI.” — D Mielke

See BRLTTY(http://brltty.app/contact.html)