Canute 360 Customer Support

Please email any questions not answered below to (for-support-using-your-Canute-360) or (for-anything-else).

Using your Canute 360

Online tools for using with Canute 360

Distribution and returns

Developing for Canute

Using Canute as a display with PCs

Canute can be used as a display connected to your PC. However most screen-reader software has not yet been updated to work with multiline displays. We are working with screen-reader developers to change this and coming up with some very exciting use-cases. See below for the latest screen-reader support for your Canute.

Therefore at present Canute-as-a-display is only recommended for use by developers. Currently all these solutions require a reasonably high level of technical competence to initially set up, such as experience editing the Windows Registry.

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