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A Braille writing frame and stylus on top a Canute 360
The NFB Convention, where thousands of people meet to advance Braille use

What can Braille do for you?

“If I want to remember something, really remember, I need to read it in Braille”

Stuart Lawler, Sight and Sound Technology.

The ability to read and understand Braille is to expand the world of someone who is visually impaired. By reading Braille, you are more like to remember, understand and retain the information you are accessing compared to listening to it alone. 

A world of opportunity opens up by learning to read and use Braille. Further access to work and education becomes possible, access to new hobbies and interests becomes easier and being able to read a book, uninterrupted means the process can be enjoyed far more. Fundamentally, everyone should be able to read and write to fully interact with the world around them and enjoy the same level playing field as sighted persons. 

Braille is amazing and we at Bristol Braille Technology are dedicated to getting more people to learn to use it for their benefit. This has to be a co-operative and world-wide effort, so we work very closely with community partners, most especially the Braillists Foundation, but also the National Federation of the Blind and many others, to promote the usefulness and availability of Braille. Canute is an essential part of our contribution to that effort.

What can the Canute do for you?

Anyone who has learned to read Braille but has tried to use it in the modern day will have come across the same issues. Braille books are large, slow to make and can take a long time to get to you via the post. 

When you buy a Canute 360, you can access thousands of Braille files by simply plugging in an SD card. Files can be sent to you electronically and updated easily ensuring you have the latest version of whatever it is you’re reading. Books, academic papers, sheet music, math problems and legal files all become accessible and read quickly and easily from the touch of a button.

The environment will thank you for greatly reducing the amount of paper you use, which in turn means no more trying to store large Braille books at home. The costs associated with creating Braille traditionally on paper are greatly reduced and these savings can be put to better use in other ways, great for you, great for businesses! 

Accessing Braille through the Canute is the ability to enjoy freedom at home, school or work and ensures a more pleasurable experience when it comes to reading, understanding and enjoying Braille.

Canute 360 in situ, 360 cells, 40 cells by 9 lines
Close up of the Canute cells, showing bright white dots against a black surface, with large white front buttons


Dedicated to the memory of Zac Wilcox