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Awards, commissions, projects


Winner – Sage Small Business XI competition

2023. Sage

The Idea Fund

2023. The Prospectory

Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product – Bronze

2023. Learning Technologies Awards

The Good Award

2023. The SPARKies

CreaTech 100: 100 Ones to Watch

2021. Awarded by: Creative Industries Council.

Dr Jacob Bolotin Award

2019. Awarded by: National Federation of the Blind.

Touch of Genius Prize

2018. Awarded by: National Braille Press.

Inventor Prize Recognition Award

2018. Awarded by: NESTA, BEIS HMG.

Deutscher Ebook Award

2017. Awarded by: Deutscher Ebook Award, Frankfurt Bookfair.

Tech4Good Accessibility Award

2017. Awarded by: AbilityNet.

Social Entrepreneurs Innovation Award

2016. Awarded by: PWC.

Stephen Lloyd Award

2016. Awarded by: Bates Wells Foundation.

Commissions and projects

The Canute Console (ongoing)

2023. Partners: Ufi, InnovateUK, ChildVision, Fenix Editorial, AT Guys, Canadian Assistive Technology, Dancing Dots, American Thermoform, and Early Bird customers including Darren Paskell, Dean Wilcox, Erich Schmid, Falk Rismansanj, Ellie Clark, Iki Nahaboo, Florian Beijers and Norman Waddington.

Canute 360: Batch 4 (ongoing)

2022–. Partners: Philtronics, InnovateUK.

Canutes for publishing and Computer Science (ongoing)

2021–2023. Partners: InnovateUK and Ufi (Computer Science), UWE (publishing); Braillists Foundation.

Canute 360: Batch 3

2021. Partners: Philtronics; AT Guys, Techno-Vision, Canadian Assistive Technology, Dancing Dots, Quantum, American Thermoform; National Federation of the Blind, American Action Fund, UnLtd Inclusive Recovery Fund, Resonance.

Braille equipment and lessons with the Braillists (ongoing)

2020–. Run by: The Braillists Foundation. Partners: BBT, the Churchill Fellowship (nee Winston Churchill Memorial Trust), Aviva, Worth Trust.

Canute 360: Batch 2

2019–20. Partners: Philtronics; AT Guys, Techno-Vision, Canadian Assistive Technology, Dancing Dots, American Thermoform, National Braille Press, APH, ChildVision; Thomas Pocklington Trust, Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust, Helianthus CT, Ulverscroft, Woodroffe Benton, William Cadbury.

Canute 360: Trials

2019. Partners: Philtronics; CNIB, APH, NFB, AAF; Braillists Foundation, Bristol Hackspace.

‘Around India with a Canute’

2017. Run by: Ed Rogers. Partners: BBT, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Canute prototyping and trials: Mk8–13

2016–19. Clovernook, APH; Esmee Fairbairn, Resonance; REACH, John James Bristol Trust, NESTA, Business West, Comic Relief, PWC Foundation, Arup, Santander, BWB Charitable Inc, SW Manufacturing Advisory Service, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Merchant Venturers, Company of Information Technologists; Braillists Foundation, Bristol Hackspace.

Canute prototyping and trials: Mk5–7

2014–15. Partners: Information Technologists, Nominet Trust, Innovation4Growth, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Product Development Centre; Braillists Foundation, Bristol Hackspace.


2014. Partners: Braillists Foundation.

The Braillists Foundation (ongoing)

2014–. Partners: Braillists Foundation.

Canute prototypes: Mk1–4

2012–14. Partners: School for Social Entrepreneurs, UnLtd, iNet Microelectronics, PM Studio; Bristol Hackspace.


2010–12. Partners: PM Studio, Transforming Braille Group.

Open Braille display design collaborations (ongoing)

2008–. Partners: Vidya Vrikshah, numerous.

BBT: Award winning design and social impact
Winners of the Jr Jacob Bolotin Award
Winners of the Touch of Genius Prize
Awardees of the NESTA Inventor Prize
Winners of the Deutscher Ebook Award
Winners of the Tech4Good Awards