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🀝 Partners

BBT designs and delivers customised Braille solutions, based on our unique Canute technology and experience with Braille hardware.

Bristol Braille has worked with scores of charities and companies to deliver results for their clients and customers, create social impact and improve access to literature and learning for all. For a selection of successful past partnerships see projects and awards.

Save time, money and natural resources

Creating Braille books and pages takes time, money and a lot of paper. The Canute 360 works using digital BRF files greatly reducing the number of pages you need to emboss and distribute

Provide a wider range of Braille content

The possibilities of digital Braille are endless! Music, maths, tables, lists and tactile charts are all possible with the Canute. 

In a world where information changes and updates quickly, having access to the latest version of files is invaluable. Simply convert the file and save it to an SD card or USB drive and Canute users are as up-to-date as their peers. 

Deliver files online

Eradicate the need for costly postage of Braille pages and books. Simply convert files using an online service and you’re good to go! Some services we recommend are; 

two hands rest on top of the Braille display on the canute

BBT Customer Support

We have a dedicated team who are able to support customers with their Canute 360. Simply get in touch and we can troubleshoot. We also provide more intense training for organisations that use their own support teams. We also run two mailing lists for Canute customers, one for discussion and questions and one for Canute 360 news and updates

Custom features

If you’re looking for something specific we can probably add it – get in touch.

Lease to customers

The Canute is the perfect product to lease to customers who may struggle to buy one outright. The unit is β€œplug in and go” and can be leased to local organisations that need to have a product that can access Braille such as a library, school, university or church.

Instructions on how to use the Canute can be accessed by a Braille reader using the help function on the machine so can be requested and used with minimal supervision.

Join Us

We would like to team up with individuals and organisations such as:

Education authorities who are interested in expanding the choices and timeliness of their reading materials to their Braille reading students. 

Braille production centres that are interested in reducing their distribution costs and carbon footprint.

Organizations of the visually impaired who are interested in increasing the accessibility of timely, high-quality, easily read braille to their constituents.

Individuals who are eager to see these improvements implemented in their country. 

Access to work organisations that are interested in working together to improve career prospects for the visually impaired 

Use our contact page to learn how.


Dedicated to the memory of Zac Wilcox