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Previous team members

We’ve been lucky to work with some great people over the years, including:

  • Andy Warrington, Assembly Operative
  • Ana Maria Frew, Assembly Operative
  • Asher Brill, Assembly Operative
  • Carolina Asencio, Assembly Operative
  • Mark Joyce, Manufacturing consultant
  • Christian Eaton, Programmer
  • Alex James, Operations Manager
  • Matthew Horspool, Operations Manager
  • Zac Wilcox, Programmer
  • Liam Smyth, Publicity and Marketing Manager
  • John Fordham, Manufacturing Consultant
  • Jonathan Allen, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Elena Duckworth, Funding and Operations
  • Calvin Cheung, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Chris Terry, Manager’s Assistant
  • Mary Kirri, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Yuan Xue, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Joulin Ng, Researcher
  • Jasmine Butt, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Kaspar Bumke, Programmer
  • Fabian Plou, Project Manager
  • Sasha Welsh Donaldson, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Katie Finch, Project Manager
  • Pedro Gonçalves, Harware Designer
  • Alex Wiatrowska, Researcher
  • Dave Williams, User Interface Designer
  • Kevin Lind, Engineer’s Assistant
  • Jon Pillai, Technical Director
  • Paul Sullivan, Braille Advisor
  • Steph Tyszka, Project Wrangler
  • Eric Cauneze, Hardware Designer
  • Matt Venn, Programmer
  • Tarim, Programmer
  • Keith Shaw, Engineering Advisor