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Bristol Braille Technology Earns Award Nomination and Canute Console Tour Continues

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for an award with Marsh Commercial in the ‘Problem Solving’ category. Although we were pipped to the post by the winners, we are very grateful for the community’s support and to everyone to cast their votes in our favour and we feel honoured to be recognised by our community. We look forward to continuing our work, pushing the boundaries of Braille technology, and delivering more exciting projects.

In that vein, the Bristol Braille Technology tour of the Canute Console continues. This unique device, an innovative upgrade for the Canute 360, is a Braille workstation for professionals and students working on programming or viewing and manipulating data. The Canute Console enables its user to read maps, play computer games, read complex tables, program in multiline refreshable Braille, create and view charts and spacial data visualisations previously inaccessible to Braille readers.

A group of people attend a demonstration of the Canute Console.

The Canute Console tour continued in London with two noteworthy events.

Firstly, the EASI Showcase at The Old Bailey.

We were invited by the Company of Entrepreneurs to demonstrate our innovations at their annual EASI showcase, held at the renowned Central Criminal Court, otherwise known as The Old Bailey.

EASI is for ‘early-stage, purpose-led UK organisations, developing innovative social, or environmental, products or services to tackle big world problems’.

Secondly, the Ufi VocTech Showcase at RSA House.

Our funders and partners at Ufi hosted their annual VocTech Showcase at RSA House. We joined many other innovative projects backed by Ufi, adding to the vibrant atmosphere with our unique Braille technology.

The Ufi VocTech Showcase brings together tech innovators, learning providers, employers and investors and provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and share the impact of vocational technology, get hands-on with a selection of Ufi-supported tech, and strengthen connections across the voctech community.

We are continually on the lookout for new backers and partners who share our goal of using Braille to increase literacy, employment, and independence. If you know of a company or other organisation interested in taking part in a pilot of the Canute Console for Computer Science, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us at .

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