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Bristol Braille Technology Working on Tactile Cricket Pitch

As part of our mission to find new and exciting applications for our Canute Console, we are developing a tactile cricket pitch. Alongside our tactile football match program, this will facilitate new ways for sports matches to be accessible. 

We were honoured to receive a surprise visit from recently retired cricket legend Stuart Broad MBE at our Bristol offices after we won the Sage Small Business XI competition. It was particularly exciting to not only win the competition, but to have a visit from our most famous visitor yet! It was a pleasure to demonstrate the Canute Console to Stuart and he was keen to learn about our work. 

By winning this competition, we will receive a £10,000 grant to develop our live playback of cricket. Also included in the prize is advertising support, business mentoring, and exposure at cricket grounds through The Hundred tournament.

Ed Rogers and Stuart Broad sit together in the Bristol Braille Technology workshop. They are both smiling at the camera. A Canute Console sits inbetween them, and there is a paper Braille book next to it.
Ed Rogers and Stuart Broad at the BBT workshop.

After a demonstration of the Canute Console’s cricket tactualisation, Broad said “Someone who’s visually impaired could go to the stadium, feel the crowd, maybe listen on the radio but also have technology to be able to tell them where the balls have gone and where the wickets have gone.”

Ed Rogers demonstrates the Canute Console. The photo is taken over Ed's shoulder. His body is on the left of the photo, with the Canute Console in the centre.
Ed demonstrates the Canute Console.

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