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Peterborough Meet 

We had the pleasure of heading up to Peterborough in January as part of the Canute Console tour. We teamed up with the brilliant charity Deaf Blind UK for a Canute 360 training session and introduced the Console to a new group of people. 

We had a great turnout with plenty of people eager to get their hands on our latest development and enjoy a bespoke training session from Steph Sergeant to get the most out of their Canute. 

We had especially lovely feedback from a deaf-blind user who runs his own bike repair shop. He has historically been a heavy-handed Braille user and was very pleased with the sturdiness of the Canutes Braille display and the firmness of the dots. He really enjoyed exploring Bristol on our interactive tactile map and made it from the centre, down to the harbour and across Bristol Bridge whilst exploring the buildings on the way. We hope to work with this user to help create some applications that might help him with his business such as a stock record and banking spreadsheet. 

During the session, the conversation went to other potential applications that could be programmed into the Console and the idea of following a football match tactilely was suggested. Within a few hours, Ed was able to use the Console to programme a tactile version of the highlights from the Wales v England 2022 World Cup game. Users were able to feel the goals, centre field and the location of the ball as well as enjoy Braile commentary on the ball position, player name and score. Watch the video here.

Being able to put this sort of thing together in half a day is a testament to why we are so excited about the potential of the console. Creating a bespoke application for customers and businesses is something we will be offering once it’s ready for sale. 

If you would like to be part of the Canute Console tour, get in touch via our contact page!

Bristol Braille Technology Team

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